Spring 2022 Ministry Update

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After much speculation in 2020 and 2021, this year, 2022 comes with some encouragement and glimpses of hope for all those involved. We praise the Lord for turning things around after a long two years of lockdown in Uganda. Despite the many challenges of the pandemic, God has richly blessed the ministry of PEACE and we have many exciting updates to share.


We appreciate your prayers and ask that you join us in seeking God’s continued favor and protection. Please pray for:

  • The lockdown lift to continue
  • For 2022 to remain stable in all aspects
  • The staff and those that we serve to be in harmony
  • Collaboration with the Ugandan government to continue and be strengthened
  • Provision of the needed resources to do the work
  • Good health for all involved in the ministry of PEACE
  • For PEACE to be a good steward of all the resources God has entrusted to us

Ministry Updates

PEACE International focuses on three key areas of work: Educating Children, Empowering Women, and Equipping Leaders.


Schools remained closed in Uganda for most of 2020 and 2021. However, the closure did not deter PEACE from teaching the children in their homes, through the Home Learning Program that was developed by the District Education Office in Adjumani. All learning institutions in Uganda, including PEACE, opened on Jan 10th and PEACE now has 672 students registered to attend school this term! We have 14 trained teachers, including the School Principal/Head Teacher and 3 Assistant Teachers. The Chaplain and Administrator are also part of the school staff of 19. In addition, we have 3 security personnel who guard the school day and night. Currently, our highest class is Grade 5 and we hope to begin construction soon on an additional block of two classrooms.


The women continue to show interest in all that PEACE is training them in.

VSLA – 150 women are involved in the VSLA (Village Savings and Loans Associations). They save money and lend to themselves and others at an agreed interest. The first three groups who received money, an equivalent of $1,500, have returned the principal in 12 months and made a profit as well. A 4th group has now been given funds to trade with and invest.

TAILORING – This has been a huge success for PEACE. The original group of 16 women have sharpened their skills and are currently making the school uniforms that are being purchased by the parents. Graduating the sewing program in December, they each raised 50% of the cost of their own sewing machines.

AGRICULTURE – In January, 2021 PEACE launched a partnership with Flint Global to equip the women to increase household income through business and agriculture, as well as grow a passion and skill for agriculture in both the women and the PEACE students

BIBLE STUDY– In addition to all that the women are accomplishing with their savings, tailoring and business and agricultural skills, they are continuing with ongoing group Bible studies each week.


As of the end of 2021, PEACE has trained a total of 80 church leaders from 7 refugee settlements. Graduation took place in December, when each one of the 40 leaders from the third and fourth classes received a certificate and a female goat. These Leaders will go out teaching and preaching, knowing that their families are taken care of when the goats begin to reproduce. It is changing the lives in many communities. Please keep praying for these leaders to multiply and affect their communities and beyond.

The next class, God providing, will start in early 2022. The enthusiasm is high and we are being very keen on the character of those who are recruited.

Thank you for your friendship and partnership with PEACE International! Without your prayers and support, it would not be possible for PEACE International to support those we serve in Olua 1, Adjumani, Northern Uganda.

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