Fall 2023 Ministry Update

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We appreciate your prayers and ask that you join us in seeking God’s continued favor and protection. Please pray for:

  • God will protect everyone involved with PEACE International in 2024
  • God will show us His will for how to best help the older students as they complete their studies in Adjumani in 2024
  • God’s wisdom will guide us in the next steps as we diligently serve His people
  • Those we serve will be transformed from within and affect others within their communities
  • There will be enough resources to accomplish that which God would have us do in the coming year and beyond
  • All involved PEACE International will see the hand of God and experience the unfolding promises of God in their lifetime

Ministry Updates

PEACE International focuses on three key areas of work: Educating Children, Empowering Women, and Equipping Leaders.


This has been a very exciting year in caring for 850 PEACE School students, pre-K through 6th grade. The older students can now read their own Bibles and have developed a reading culture that enables them to understand more information in English and communicate well. This success is a result a talented staff and eager students with access to a new assortment of storybooks in English for the children to learn and enjoy. Parents are seeing and valuing the school by stepping up to support their children’s education, albeit still quite small at this point. 

The construction of an additional block of classrooms for next year is expected to be complete by the end of the year. The oldest students are looking forward to their first national examination in 2024 (only a few are expected to score well enough to pursue higher education). The staff are building strong relationships with the children and each other.


PEACE serves and equips 150 women who are at various stages of spiritual, personal and entrepreneurial growth, which is quite a joy seeing them now excited about their futures. The 16 women who started the 2-year tailoring/business development classes in 2022 are graduating in December. They have worked very hard and have earned enough money from tailoring to purchase their own machines to continue their businesses.


Over the past eight years 100 Church Leaders have graduated in 2-year trauma healing training which enables them to greatly impact their communities! The current pastors in training will be graduating at the end of this year, and each one will receive a goat to take home for their family to raise, breed and sell. This valuable gift provides their family with some income while the pastors travel to do God’s work.

The suffering of refugees, the fighting between tribes, and even those that work with or teach those children that have experienced trauma. Lives continue to be dramatically improved by taking the time to teach leaders what forgiveness means, what respect means, and even what love means. Hate and fear are melting away toward peace and toward an attitude of serving others.

Thank you for your friendship and partnership with PEACE International! Without your prayers and support, it would not be possible for PEACE International to support those we serve in Olua 1, Adjumani, Northern Uganda.

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