Summer 2022 Ministry Update

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The growth through our efforts in Adjumani, Uganda over the last six months has been an encouraging season for me and PEACE on different levels.


We appreciate your prayers and ask that you join us in seeking God’s continued favor and protection. Please pray for:

  • Please pray for the students as they take a few weeks of school break to stay safe and to be supportive to their parents.
  • Pray for the upcoming trainings for the church leaders and all staff of PEACE to be held in Adjumani in August 2022.
  • Pray for the women to stay focused on God and to support one another as they do their business.
  • Pray for all the staff to commit to serve and that they would speak life in the growth of the students.
  • Pray for continued favor from God in all that PEACE is doing.
  • Pray that the ministry of PEACE gives glory to God.The lockdown lift to continue

Ministry Updates

PEACE International focuses on three key areas of work: Educating Children, Empowering Women, and Equipping Leaders.


Because you gave the students in our school have a new block of class rooms where 100 additional students to are learning. These students are receiving the robust education that they so deserve and would otherwise not receive. These students are learning how to read the bible for themselves, and have, in fact, been gifted by a generous donor their own copy of the New Testament. These students, through the PEACE Food Program, are now eating two meals daily and keeping healthy and strong. Dedicated, hard-working teachers, assistants and PEACE chaplain are consistently paid monthly to teach and mentor 700 students, all because you give to PEACE.


The 150 women in the program are excelling in their different areas of businesses because of you. The tailoring graduates are now making uniforms for the students and parents are purchasing them. Some of the women in business are able to pay school fees for their sons and daughters who are attending high schools.  This level of education is a rare opportunity for South Sudanese refugees. Even though their businesses are flourishing in their refugee settlement, they are still limited and desperately need more support to expand. Fourteen (14) business women are determined to expand their businesses and they are willing to mentor other women.


The new class of Church Leaders is due to start their 2-year Trauma Healing/Peace and Reconciliation training beginning August 2022 because you have given towards this need! Displaced men, women and children are being utterly transformed because of your giving. Brotherly love among different tribes is evident because of this process that you are giving towards. More leaders want to be trained because of this life changing experience. There is now peaceful co-existence among the South Sudanese Dinka and the Ugandan host communities that did not exist before this training.

Thank you for your friendship and partnership with PEACE International! Without your prayers and support, it would not be possible for PEACE International to support those we serve in Olua 1, Adjumani, Northern Uganda.

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