Summer 2023 Ministry Update

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This summer continues to be a big challenge and a huge blessing!


We appreciate your prayers and ask that you join us in seeking God’s continued favor and protection. Please pray for:

  • A quick and peaceful resolution to the political unrest in Kenya (Rosemary’s home)
  • Protection, good health and cohesion among staff and the Adjumani community
  • Funding to arrive for teacher/leader trauma healing
  • That the efforts of everyone involved in the ministry of PEACE may align with God’s leading

Ministry Updates

PEACE International focuses on three key areas of work: Educating Children, Empowering Women, and Equipping Leaders.


Now serving 850 children Pre-K thru 6th grade! 

  • The construction of an additional block of classrooms for next year is in progress.
  • The children are taking official Ugandan child development exams.
  • Many children’s story books in English are on their way and are expected to arrive in Adjumani this fall.
  • Inflation in Uganda is driving up the cost of education, but for now we are able to educate and feed a student two meals for $1 USD per day.


Serving more than 150 women in the Adjumani community – five groups of thirty.

These women are dedicated, learning quickly together and thriving in using their new business skills. Their basic skills for tailoring, hair styling, beading, and sewing are enhanced with new knowledge of savings and investing. With the ability to make money, they are using their newly-found profits to invest in friends and family members. Combining these skills with Bible studies is building a solid foundation for flourishing.


  • It seems that trauma has affected everyone in Adjumani. The suffering of refugees, the fighting between tribes, and even those that work with or teach those children that have experienced trauma. Lives continue to be dramatically improved by taking the time to teach leaders what forgiveness means, what respect means, and even what love means. Hate and fear are melting away toward peace and toward an attitude of serving others.
  • Teachers that have gone through this training as observers, found the training to be invaluable for improving their connections with the students of traumatized parents.
  • Unfortunately, this year’s training for teachers is being deferred due to a lack of funding.

We cannot thank you enough for enabling PEACE to accomplish all the above. The Lord Jesus Christ smiles every time He looks to see all these people that you touch through your love, prayers, and giving. Please continue giving to what we at PEACE are doing.

Thank you for your friendship and partnership with PEACE International! Without your prayers and support, it would not be possible for PEACE International to support those we serve in Olua 1, Adjumani, Northern Uganda.

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