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A Sustainable Model

South Sudan has been ravaged by war and it has affected every area of life for its people. PEACE International’s three-pronged solution is unique because it does not just treat the symptoms of the problem, but looks to heal it at its source. The success of this self-sustaining model has been recognized by the Office of the Prime Minister. This model focuses on three primary areas:

Educating Children

Access to education is almost non-existent in many areas of South Sudan. Through the efforts of PEACE and your support, over 700 students have been able to attend school. Children from grades K through 5th are taught all subjects in accordance with the Ministry of Education of Uganda, as well as essential lessons on personal hygiene that helps prevent the spread of disease in their villages. Educating the children of South Sudan is the first step in creating a better future.

We are hoping to build 3 new classrooms here.

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We expect to serve 1000 students in the next 2 years.

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We currently serve 600 students in 10 classrooms, two more are needed when 4th grade is added.

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This is the refugee camp and these are the “tukels” in which they live.

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Equipping Leaders

The civil wars that have raged in South Sudan for the last 50 years have caused division among many of the indiginous tribes. To achieve a sustainable peace, tribes will have to decide they are willing to work together. PEACE provides Trauma healing centers and Peace Building training so leaders will be equipped to take this message to people of all the tribes. The leaders commit to a 2-year Trauma Healing and Peace Building training program from which they graduate upon completion. Over 80 leaders have completed this training and even more are looking to take part.

80+ Leaders have completed this training.

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PEACE International provides Trauma Healing Centers & Training.

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Peace building and trauma healing are critical needs in South Sudan.

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Empowering Women

Poverty is an endless cycle when people become solely reliant on the charity of others. PEACE seeks to break that dependency cycle by training these women of South Sudan fundamental business, trade and agricultural skills empowering them to support their families. To date, over 150 women have completed this program and are starting to take control of providing for their needs.

Empowering the women of South Sudan with skills to support their families.

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Over 150 women have completed this program!

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